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3 Denture Care Basics

Getting the most out of your dentures starts with proper care. Today, we are going to share four denture care basics. Keep reading to learn more and for all specific care questions, call us!

Handle With Care

Dentures are made to last and to withstand a lot wear and tear — they are placed in your mouth and used to chew food. However, they still deserve some consideration as they can still become damaged which can make them ineffective and uncomfortable to wear. When you are handling your dentures, be sure to avoid dropping them or any forceful action. Handling them more than is necessary can make them extra susceptible to accidental damage. When you do have to handle them, be sure to stand over a folded towel or full sink of water.

Clean With Denture Cleaner

If you are in a rush or simply too tired, it is easy to cut corners when it comes to caring for your dentures. However, cutting corners will lead to damaging your dentures and shortening their life. One of the easiest ways to put unnecessary wear and tear on your dentures is through using the wrong cleaner. Hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid soap can be perfect cleaning agents when you don’t have access to your normal denture cleaner. Household cleaners and toothpastes are some of the worst things to put on your dentures as they are too abrasive. Consider investing in an ultrasonic cleaner for the best care!

Practice Proper Care

After a long day, you may just want to get your dentures out and fall into bed, but doing so isn’t in the best interest of your dentures. For your dentures to maintain their shape and stay moist, they must be placed in a denture cleanser soaking solution when you aren’t wearing them. However, any mental attachments could tarnish if left in the solution. You should also avoid placing your dentures in hot water as they may warp. For the best care of your dentures, it is always best to consult your dentist. They can help you know what your specific set of dentures needs to last and provide a comfortable fit.

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