It can be overwhelming when you hear you need full dentures. You probably aren’t sure what to expect from your dentist in Indianapolis. Rest assured, Dr. McCall and his staff take pride in creating a warm, friendly environment paired with a gentle, professional approach to dentistry. As a Top Rated® Local dentist in Indianapolis, Dr. McCall strives to help his patients achieve optimal dental health. Do you know what to expect from your full dentures?

How long do full dentures last?

Dr. McCall takes advantage of an in-practice laboratory and uses the highest-quality material to craft exceptional full dentures. With this in mind, dentures on average last anywhere from 7-10 years.

Based on material used, jaw changes, and the patient’s personal oral hygiene care and history, their denture lifespan can vary.

Dr. McCall makes it a priority for his patients to get the most out of their dentures.

How do full dentures stay in place?

To place your full dentures, Dr. McCall will either attach the dentures permanently to your jaw bone or secure them into a set of dental implants. The method is decided based on patient oral health history, preference, and overall oral health optimization.

Whether the dentures are attached to your jaw bone or secured with dental implants, you will find the ability to chew or speak relatively normal.

How to clean full dentures?

Although dentures may seem straightforward to maintain, there are a collection of dos and don’ts to keep your oral health optimal in previous blog posts:

If you have any questions about taking care of your dentures, give your Indianapolis dentist a call.

What are dentures made of?

Depending on your oral needs, dentures can be made of various high-quality materials. Dr. McCall and his staff use the strongest acrylic on the market to shape and craft custom full dentures for their patients.

If you’re in need of partial dentures, the material used may include cast metal or nylon.

Can full dentures be flexible?

Not sure about metal or acrylic being in your mouth? Dr. McCall offers a flexible denture option so that you can feel comfortable and look natural.

The material used in flexible dentures is usually a nylon base.

How will my dentures look?

Dr. McCall and the staff work hard to craft the perfect set of dentures for each and every patient. Alongside craft, they guarantee their best when it comes to matching your gums and other aesthetics of your oral health.

Not only will McCall dentures match your gums, they will provide you with a set of dentures with pearly white teeth, so you can smile, speak, and chew with full confidence.

Need a pair of full dentures? Not sure what to expect? Top Rated® Local dentist Dr. McCall and his team in Indianapolis have been serving the surrounding areas for more than five years. Get your smile back. Call McCall dentures.