Perhaps it’s because they’re hidden away in your mouth, or perhaps it’s because they’ve been an object of fascination for hundreds of years, but there seems to be a surprising amount of misinformation surrounding dentures. This means that a myriad of myths has emerged about these mock modes of mandibular mastication. In today’s blog, we here at McCall Dentures hope to dispel some of the most common denture myths we here at our clinic in Indianapolis.

Once You Get Your Dentures, You Never See A Dentist Again

Wouldn’t that be a joyous thing? You get your new dentures or implants, and because you’ve got brand new teeth, there’s no more need for trips to the dentist! But this is an example of something being too good to be true. You should see a dentist at least once a year to ensure that your dentures are sitting properly in your mouth and are not being worn down. This is because the parts of your mouth are always changing. You jawbone and gum line can change, meaning that your dentures don’t fit as well as when they were first fitted. Regular trips to the dentist ensure that your dentures stay in great shape.

I’ll Never Get Used To The Feeling Of Dentures

While this is mostly a myth, there’s a hint of truth in it too. For those with improperly fitted dentures, you may never get used to your dentures because they’ll always cause you pain. Working closely with your dentist means that you can perfectly fit your dentures to your mouth, preventing any undue stress or pain. In fact, most of our patients find that they feel perfectly normal with their dentures after just a few days.

Everyone Can Tell I’m Wearing Dentures

Unless you’re popping your false teeth out as some kind of macabre party trick, no one will notice that you’re wearing dentures. That’s because we take the time to create some truly incredible fake teeth. Our denture implants can be seated in the gum itself, so they look like one of your natural teeth. Really, the only time someone might notice your dentures is if you tell them or they weren’t properly fitted.

I Can’t Eat My Favorite Foods Anymore

We’ve all seen the comedic bit of someone getting their dentures stuck in an apple or a corn cob, but this rarely happens thanks to advances in denture and dental implant design. In addition to training your mouth to eat and chew with dentures, our designs are seated in your gum and jawbone to keep your implants from shifting or coming loose. Chomp away!

Dentures Don’t Look Good

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Sure, maybe in the time of George Washington, whose dentures were made from animal ivory, wood, and bone, dentures might look unsightly. But today, we make custom, stain resistant dentures that look so life-like that no one will be able to tell that they aren’t real.

Dentures Have To Be Glued Into Your Mouth

When fitted to your mouth, you’ll be able to use your dentures easily without the need for any adhesives. However, it’s never a bad idea to use just a little bit of adhesive to keep food particles and drinks from getting under your dentures and between your gums, as this can lead to other oral health concerns.

Enjoy Our Mythic Service

The work of the dental specialists at McCall Dentures is the stuff of legends. We can create you a spectacular set of dentures that will deceive even the most discerning of viewers. Schedule your appointment today to get your dentures in Indianapolis!