Even if you take care of your dental health, you may eventually lose some of your teeth. If this happens and your missing teeth are becoming a source of discomfort, consider getting new dentures. McCall Dentures works with patients in Indiana and Lebanon to produce dentures that look and function like your normal teeth. Aside from replacing your teeth, getting dentures comes with many benefits.

Enhance Your Appearance 

If you lose some or all of your teeth, you may look older thanks to facial sagging. Even with just one missing tooth, the skin on your face and lips may sink in since it has nothing to lean against. Getting affordable dentures could reduce sagging and lift up the skin, so you look younger.

Improves Quality of Life 

When you’re missing even one tooth, eating some types of food, or even saying certain words clearly can be a problem. But it’s not a problem that dentures can’t solve. After your new dentures replace your missing teeth, the structure and function of your mouth should be restored. You can eat all the foods you had to give up on or tried to avoid due to chewing difficulties. 

Boosts Your Confidence 

Your missing teeth could drag your confidence down even if the issue is barely noticeable. You are less likely to beam at people or strike a conversation when you’re conscious about a missing tooth. If your negative body image puts you in a bad mood, getting dentures may help you bring back your confidence and smile to your heart’s content. 

Better Oral Health

Dentures restore the function of your teeth and help you reduce potential problems with your oral health like gum disease. Missing some of your teeth could also exert extra pressure on the remaining teeth that try to compensate for your lost teeth. With dentures, your jaw and teeth wouldn’t have to work too hard, so you can avoid headaches and discomfort due to your missing teeth.

Getting permanent dentures is a cost-effective option when you still have some of your teeth. 

Dentures can help you improve many aspects of your life, from your appearance to simply having a fully functional set of teeth. Modern dentures also look no different from your natural teeth, so it’s not awkward even if you give everyone a big smile. If you have more questions about getting dentures, contact or drop by McCall Dentures in Lebanon or Indianapolis.