In our last blog, we covered all the amazing benefits of having your very own customized dentures. Dentures will let you be free from pain, eat the food you love, and feel confident about your smile. While dentures are a great asset to you, there are things you should look out for when caring for your new dentures. Having dentures is a new experience, and there are many different things that will change about your oral care.
At McCall Dentures in Indianapolis, we want you to feel comfortable and confident wearing your new set of teeth. Our dentist wants to inform you on everything you need to know about your new dentures and things to be wary of.

Common Problems with Your Dentures in Indianapolis

  • Gum irritation
  • Problems eating and speaking
  • Dentures don’t stay in place

How to Combat these Denture Issues

Proper Fit

While dentures are a permanent fix for many dental issues, your gums and bones are still growing and changing, meaning, you will have to prepare to get your dentures adjusted or even replaced from time to time. If they don’t properly fit in your mouth, this causes painful irritation to your gums and other regions. Avoid this by regularly seeing your dentist in Indianapolis, to make sure your dentures and oral health are always on track.

Practice Speaking

When you first receive your dentures, you will have to acclimate to these foreign objects in place of your original teeth. You may have issues with speaking, so it is best to practice with your dentures in. If you learn to speak more slowly and practice more most difficult words, you will be speaking normally with your dentures in no time. One of the causes that explains why you have difficulty talking is because your dentures tend to move about your mouth. A trick is to bite down and swallow, this will help return your dentures back in place without you having to manually adjust them.

Eat Proper Foods

Another issue you may develop with new dentures is not being able to eat certain foods. At first, you want to stick to soft foods such as potatoes, eggs, yogurt, and so forth. You want to take smaller bites of your food than you are used to. You also want to make sure you take your time chewing the food and that you are chewing on both sides of your mouth. Once you get the hang of your new set of dentures, you should be able to enjoy most foods you thoroughly enjoy.

Your new dentures are your solution to fix prolonged problems with your teeth. Our dentist in Indianapolis wants you to enjoy your new found freedom when it comes to your new set of dentures. While they do require some adjusting, with time your dentures will become routine like most other things. If you have questions or concerns please come see us in Indianapolis!