Often when patients visit our clinic in Indianapolis to have a new set of dentures made for them, their greatest concern is whether dentures are comfortable or not. This is a valid concern, as using a set of dentures can feel strange when you first get them. Dentures can grow to feel very comfortable in your mouth and many denture users report that the best dentures they’ve ever had feel no different than their natural teeth. So in today’s blog, McCall Dentures will go over the elements of denture comfort.

Comfort Comes With Time

It’s not uncommon for most denture users to find that their new dentures fit easily into their mouth and feel comfortable almost immediately. But in some cases, this isn’t always true. When you’re first wearing your dentures, you might struggle a little bit to speak clearly or to eat. But after your first review visit with the dentist, you’ll find that your gums and jaw start to adjust to the dentures. Soon after that, they should fit comfortably in your mouth.

Use The Right Adhesive

For new denture users, eating, speaking, and smiling suddenly feel very different. This is especially true if you’re not using the proper adhesive. Your dentist will suggest a brand that works best with your dentures and gums. When you use the right adhesive, your dentures are seated more securely against your gums, and this allows you to eat and speak without any problems. The right adhesive will also keep food from getting wedged between your gums and dentures, which can cause discomfort.

Caring For Your Dentures Prevents Discomfort

Those who take the time to care for their dentures experience less discomfort than those who neglect their dentures. This means that when you are not wearing your dentures, they are stored immersed in water and cleaning solution. It’s important to use specialized denture cleaners so that you kill any bacteria that have built upon them throughout their use. This will keep your dentures feeling fresh and keep you from having bad breath and uncomfortable dentures. Part of regular care is to alert your dentist if you feel like your dentures are becoming loose or shifting. This can be addressed quickly so that your dentures continue to fit securely in your mouth.

Address Unexpected Pains Right Away

Mild discomfort is to be expected when first using dentures. Your jaw and gums are adjusting and getting used to the size and shape of the dentures, and with time will grow used to their presence. If you’re experiencing sharp or aggravating pain in your mouth, contact your dentist right away. It may be a casting error, or it might mean that your dentures need a small adjustment. Often a minor fix can keep you from feeling major pain.

The best dentures fit your mouth effortlessly and allow you to quickly get back to sharing your beautiful smile with your friends and family. If you’re looking for the best dentures in Indianapolis, give the specialists at McCall Dentures a call. As Indianapolis’ Top Rated Local® Dentist, we’re ready to provide you with a set of dentures that will leave you feeling comfortable and satisfied.