dentist lebanonSeeing blood in your bathroom sink is never a comforting sign that everything is dentally fine. In fact, bleeding gums can be a serious issue but is it always a reason to panic? Yes, it is often a symptom of a mild concern, but it can be an issue that can develop into a major dental problem. By completing a oral health checklist, you can probably figure out the reason for your bleeding gums before visiting your dentist in Lebanon. The most common causes of bleeding gums include:

  • Bad oral hygiene – One of the most common reasons your gums begin to bleed is because of a lack of good dental practices. It is important to engage in brushing and flossing on a daily basis in order to ensure healthy teeth and gums. And of course, regular visits to your family dentist are equally important.
  • Over-brushing – We all know that we need to brush our teeth twice a day, but doing it wrong can cause damage to the surrounding soft tissue. Brush only after meals and avoid using brushes with hard bristles. Also, keep brushing time to the recommended two minutes.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals – Your gums are in as much need of nutrients as the rest of your body and a lack of nutrition or an improper diet can lead to oral health issues that can cause gums to bleed. Make sure to supplement your diet with plenty of Vitamin C and K if you are experiencing mysterious bleeding.
  • Medications – Gums can also become vulnerable and susceptible to bleeding due as a reaction to certain medications. Some people with chronic conditions such as asthma or heart disease can suffer from increased bleeding from the gums. Check with your doctor to find out if there are alternatives or if you can reduce your dosage.

Whenever you start to see blood while brushing your teeth, it is important to get a full evaluation by your dentist. Schedule your appointment now with Dr. McCall by calling our Indianapolis or Lebanon office at 317-596-9700.