There aren’t many aches and pains that come with such anxiety and regret as does a toothache. Because tooth pain often means a trip to the dentist, many peolpe almost panic at the first sign of oral pain. Though we come to our dental clinic everyday, we understand why you prefer to find other, more enjoyable, things to do with your day. That being said, maybe going to the dentist is avoidable. Maybe your toothache has nothing to do with a cavity. Or maybe it does. You won’t know until we do. Here are a few times when a cavity may not be to blame for your toothache:

  • Tooth sensitivity – If you experience pain while eating or drinking items that are either oven hot or icy cold, it is likely your pain comes from the fact you have sensitive teeth. Receding gums, ill-placed fillings and thinning tooth enamel can all cause your teeth to become more sensitive. While you should visit the dentist to find out the true culprit, make sure to brush with a toothpaste made for those with sensitive teeth and use a soft-bristled while doing so.
  • A cracked tooth – Sharp, stabbing pain, occurring when you bite down, is a good indicator of a cracked tooth (though it could also be a dreaded cavity). A trip to the dentist should not be avoided.
  • Abscessed tooth – Infections cause attention to themselves with throbbing, incessant pain that isn’t relieved. It is probable that your gums will bleed too if you have an infection. Get into see your dentist as soon as possible.
  • A sinus infection – Though it may feel as if your teeth involved, a possible sinus infection may be confusing the real issue. Sinus infections can cause pain and swelling in your upper teeth and face. This time a trip to your doctor may be in order.
  • TMD – If the pain you feel is really more targeted within your jaw, you may be experiencing symptoms of TMD, or temporomandibular disorder. This ailment is often caused by an injury to the jaw, tooth grinding or arthritis. Your dentist could actually help alleviate the pain with a simple apparatus that relieves pressure on the jawbone.
  • Your wisdom teeth are the problem – Ok, we admit it. Nobody wants to hear this, but, good news: you don’t have a cavity! We get it that hearing that you may need to get your wisdom teeth removed is not good news, but never experiencing the relentless pain is a goal to shoot for. See your dentist for a full evaluation.

Don’t try to diagnose your tooth or jaw pain as a simple cavity. You could be overlooking other health issues that are more pressing and should be addressed. By visiting McCall Dentistry in Indianapolis, we can help target and eliminate the cause of your pain. Don’t find another excuse to avoid the dentist – call today.