For those simply done with the pain and social stigma of missing teeth, we recommend that you consider dental implants. They’re the closest thing to the feel, appearance and functionality of natural teeth that dental science has to offer. But before you take that next step, investing what could be a fair amount of money and undergoing the procedure, make sure to take the time to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Research your options and interview more than one cosmetic dentist before jumping in. You’ll live with your implants for many decades, so take your time making a decision. Make sure to ask your dentist in Indianapolis the following questions before you commit to dental implants:

  • Do you use surgical stents or guides? Surgical stents are the new and preferred method.
  • Do you use 3D x-ray imaging? This newer technology helps your dentist know just where to place the implant and if there is sufficient bone for proper, long-term placement.
  • How much experience do you have placing dental implants? Of course, the more experience, the better chance of success.
  • What is your success rate for placing implants? You’ll want to know how successful is the prospective dentist is at this procedure. With newer techniques and innovative equipment, your dentist should have a higher success rate in the last five years than the years previous.
  • How many surgeries will be required? Make sure to get more than one opinion regarding the number of procedures. It is most likely going to take two separate appointments.
  • Will you sedate me? Do you use IV-conscious sedation or oral sedation?
  • What is the timeline for loading the implants? Some dentists or oral surgeons load the implants the same day, many wait up to four or six months, some load them at intervals. Find out how your situation and personal needs will determine the process.