The Dos of Denture Cleaning

Hey there, and welcome back to the McCall Dentures blog! In our last post, we touched upon some of the improper methods that people often utilize to clean and maintain their dentures. These products and procedures could leave your dentures scratched and discolored! However, there are some definite dos when it comes to making sure that your dentures are looking sharp! Here are some of the dos of denture cleaning.

Do: Brush Daily

Just like you brush your teeth, make sure to brush your dentures at least once a day. Using a toothbrush and some denture cleaner (NOT abrasive toothpaste), brush your dentures gently to remove food debris and any remaining adhesive. We recommend doing this at the end of the day before going to sleep. Additionally, when brushing, don’t scrub as scrubbing could cause scrapes and scratches.

Do: Soak Overnight

After cleaning your dentures off with a toothbrush, McCall Dentures recommends soaking your dentures overnight using an approved denture soak. Soaking your dentures helps them retain their shape and stay clean. For proper soaking procedures, give us a call and we’ll give you tips on how to soak your dentures correctly. Whenever you soak your dentures in a solution, always rinse them off as the chemicals aren’t safe for ingestion.

Do: Clean After Eating

Whenever you eat, you run the risk of collecting food and debris in the crevices of your dentures. While you don’t have to use a toothbrush and cleaner on your dentures after every meal, it’s recommended that you at least rinse them off to help prevent stains and stuck food. A quick rinse takes just a few moments and it will leave you with a perfect smile to show off to the world!

Do: Be Careful

Just like normal teeth, dentures are prone to breakage! It’s best to be gentle and avoid dropping them or knocking them into things to prevent them from cracking or breaking. Additionally, don’t handle them roughly when cleaning them. Just be gentle!

Do: Schedule Regular Checkups

After having dentures fitted and installed, McCall Dentures recommends scheduling checkup and maintenance appointments regularly. These appointments will help with any problems and ensure that your dentures are looking good and feeling great!

We hope that these tips will help you keep your dentures from McCall Dentures clean and leave you smiling for days! To schedule an appointment or request more information on our services, contact one of our locations today!