Full Dentures
At McCall Dentures, we want you to have the absolute best dentures available. We do not offer cheaply made foreign dentures. We only use the highest quality materials and guarantee that you’ll look good and be able to chew comfortably.

Immediate Dentures
Immediate dentures are delivered the same day as your dental surgery. While they look great and function well, immediate dentures are used as a temporary cosmetic appliances and are generally replaced by our much nicer custom dentures following adequate healing time.

Custom Dentures
Our custom dentures are made using the best teeth available and the strongest acrylic on the market They provide the highest natural appearance and look so life-like, no one will know you’re wearing dentures. They are extremely durable and stain resistant, and try-in preview allows you to see your new smile before it is custom finished to your liking.

Partial Dentures
We offer several types of partial dentures – cast metal, flexible and acrylic.
Cast Metal Partial Denture
Our cast metal dentures are the strongest option, very light weight, and offer a outstanding fit. These partials have a metal framework that uses your natural teeth as support. These partials are extremely durable and should last many years.

Flexible Partial Denture
Our flexible partials are mad from a gum-colored material and flex much more than the cast metal. These partial are typically used in difficult cosmetic cases where aesthetics are a major concern.

Acrylic Partial Denture
Acrylic partial dentures are less expensive than the flexible and cast metal partials, but often tend to feel bulkier. They are a great option for 1-3 missing teeth where aesthetics are a major concern.