McCall Denture Laboratory
Our Indianapolis practice provides patients with dentures, dental implants and general dentistry. We also have a well-equipped lab – making it convenient to produce dental prostheses – and to accommodate adjustments as needed. In addition to creating crowns, dentures and bridgework for our own dental practice, our laboratory makes dental prostheses for other dentists all over the country – providing them with top-quality work and on-time delivery.

McCall Denture Lab Services
We offer the dentist a reliable, turn-key dental lab with the experience, staff and track record of performance to produce superior prostheses for their patients. Follow these instructions – and feel free to call if you have questions.

Immediate Dentures
Take a simple alginate and a bite registration using bite registration material, then send your case to our laboratory here in Indianapolis.

Fully Edentulous Patients
Take secondary impressions in trays we make for you, or trays you make in your own lab. Send the impressions to our lab for wax rims in return. Try in your wax rims, mark the midline, etc. Next, try in teeth set in wax and impress your patient – only step left is to deliver your patient’s dentures.

Mailing Cases
Together with your impressions and the Rx, place the items in a suitable box and mail to our address below.