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Best Dental Implants in America
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is permanently placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Our high-quality dental implants are an effective and proven option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, injury or some other reason and are in need of false teeth.

About Our Denture Implants
Our perfect candidate for dental or tooth implants is in good general and oral health. Adequate bone in your jaw is needed to support the implant, and the best candidates have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease. At McCall Dentures we have the special knowledge, training and facilities to create teeth that look and feel just like your own. We will continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied with your new smile.

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Dr. Ryan D. McCall was born and raised in Illinois. He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Chemistry. He attained his dental degree in 2007 from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry.


If you've always wanted to eat a steak, bite an apple and enjoy corn on the cob confidently without fear of your dentures slipping or falling out, dental implants may be an excellent option for you -- plus we provide implants right here in the office.


We provide the family with general dentistry services for all of your oral care needs. We perform effective teeth whitening, safe & gentle tooth extraction, dental bridges, crowns, fillings & teeth cleaning.